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Sponsor Spotlight: Bandwango

Learn more about Bandwango. Let's learn more about Bandwango from CEO Mo Parikh.

We are excited to welcome Monir Parikh and Bill Santistevan to Tourism Academy 2018. Monir "Mo" is Bandwango's fearless CEO, and Bill is heading sales efforts with the organization. Bandwango offers destinations the ability to transform activities into digital passports and experiences for locals and visitors. This allows DMOs to delight visitors with curated, unforgettable experiences. Let's learn more about Bandwango from CEO Mo Parikh.

Tourism Academy: What's the latest news out of Bandwango? 

Mo: We recently launched a new website that we’re really proud of and excited about. We feel it gives a much better idea of what we do, and how DMOs can more easily see it applying in their destinations. We also think it’s pretty slick looking.

Tourism Academy: Have you visited any interesting destinations lately? What are some of your recent favorites?

Mo: That’s the million dollar question right there, because we’re such travel junkies, we really just love wherever we happen to be from week to week. So we have been doing a lot of travelling, actually, with nearly 30 destinations in our client roster right now, it definitely keeps us on the road. Some of my favorite places are where sheer natural beauty meets a real sort of cultural vibe that feels unique to the area. Coeur d’Alene in the Idaho panhandle is really just a stunning, breathtaking getaway that feels wild and refined at the same time. Then there’s Houston, where we’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately, and really just discovering the incredible energy of a city that by all accounts is just as cosmopolitan, exciting, diverse and “happening” as its contemporaries, like LA or Chicago.

Tourism Academy: Have you been to Louisville before and what do you look forward to experience while in the area?

Mo: We haven’t been to Louisville before, and we can’t tell you how excited we are about it. Honestly, we love a city that celebrates its neighborhoods. Finding the gems and getting a feel for the sense of identity a place has is one of the sublime pleasures of travel. Of course it goes without saying that culinary delights and classic beverages rank high on the list.

Tourism Academy: What favorite Louisville beverage do you look forward to trying?

Sweet Tea.

Tourism Academy: If you were running a horse at the Kentucky Derby which name would you choose for your famous steed?

Mo: Radish Dasher.

Tourism Academy: What else would you like to share with Tourism Academy attendees?

Our belief is that Bandwango's technology is truly for any destination of any size. What makes a place special are the cultural expressions and experiences found in that place. And well, every place has that, which means every place is special in its own way. So to the extent that destinations can curate those unique and special experiences in ways that appeal to various kinds of visitors is the purest function of our Destination Experience Engine. It gives destinations the power to endlessly express themselves through memorable experiences for each and every visitor.

Thank you Mo and Bandwango team! We look forward to a great conference. Be sure to catch Mo on the Productization Panel on Thursday at 1:10 p.m. 

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