Tourism Academy

Jack Johnson

Chief Advocacy Officer - Destinations International

As Chief Advocacy Officer, Jack Johnson manages the overall public policy operations at Destinations International including member advocacy education and training, development of destination tools and best practices, coalition work with peer organizations, industry research and related public affairs activities. 

Johnson brings unrivaled experience developing innovative strategies, policy solutions and civic consensus for government, not-for-profits and small businesses. During his previous tenure with Choose Chicago, Johnson oversaw the public policy, research, membership and strategic partnership efforts. He played a leading role in the extensive reforms of the McCormick Place Convention Center and the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau, resulting in a new convention center operating model with both a travel industry and a citywide civic perspective. Johnson was integrally involved in the merger of the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau and the Chicago Office of Tourism, resulting in maximizing their resources, unifying the message and embedding the organization into the city’s economic development strategy. In addition, in his final year at Choose Chicago, Johnson also served as Choose Chicago’s Chief Administrative Officer.

Speaking Sessions
Wed 5/22 - Day 2
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

    Breakfast with Keynote

    Becoming a Shared Community Value

    While communities and elected officials are beginning to understand the social and economic benefits of tourism in their communities, it’s the need for a destination organization that they continue to struggle with.  Despite our collective efforts, every year destination organizations continue to be under attack. Worse, the attacks seem to be getting more adverse and frequent. 

    Jack Johnson will explain why Destinations International believes that to survive and prosper in the current political environment, destination organizations must become “a shared community value” and he will lead a discussion on how organizations can make this pivot and evolve into a true community asset.  

    Room: Symphony Ballroom